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Good service means good quality! We believe in that so we strive to do our best when we pick up goods, transport or store them.

TLC is going to be offering an overnight small freight service Darwin to Katherine, which is very convenient for people who do not have time to ask for this kind of services during the day since they are busy.

We will be running Monday-Saturday Nights. You can count on us almost thoughout the whole week! There will be a cut off time each day. If you require an urgent service, please, call us! We are a Family Business. We guarantee you will receive Great Service.

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Need a place to store your goods?Contact us today for all of your warehousing needs!


TLC are the experts in Pick, Packing & Delivering!



No matter the size or number of containers, TLC will Collect, Destuff, and Deliver


TLC is here for ALL your transport needs



TLC offers you the best options for storing your goods. We have roomy warehouses which are suitable for your goods to be safe for as long as you need them to be.


TLC also offers you the best quality transport service. There is no need to be afraid. We make sure your stuff gets to the right destination safe and sound.


We have the best equipment for your goods to be transported safely. Our moving containers will protect your contents on long journeys so they will reach their destination in one piece.


Our transport units are the best! Our trucks are checked before and after every journey. We also have a team of very responsible and efficient drivers who always abide by the rules of our company and the transit department in terms of safety.



We offer the most reasonable prices in the market.  We understand the effort that you have made in making your money so we will make every penny you spend worth it.

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Do you have something that you need transported and do not know were to start? Give us a call we have our workers and equipment available for you. 


We specialize in offering customers a service that focuses on finding proper solutions when trying to organize complicated or bound-to-be complicated activities so that everything turns out smoothly and the way the customer wanted it to be.


Your goods are precious to us. We know they are valuable for you. So we handle them with the most delicate care. They will get to their destiny safe and sound.