Territory Logistics Company

about us

We are experts in logistic solutions

who we are

Territory Logistics Company is a Territory owned and operated family business. With over-40-year experience in the industry of transport and logistics. We specialize in Warehousing, Container Services, Transport and Distribution.  We provide exceptional and reliable service. We are 100% efficient when dealing with customers. 

& values

Our vision is to make life easier for our customers by providing them with the most suitable solutions in terms of logistical assistance, warehousing, distribution, and transport.

We believe in reliability and honesty. Those are our most important values for us here at TLC. We want you to trust us completely.

expertise & skills


Not only do we have the best equipment for the services you want us to provide but we also have the most responsible and efficient workers.


We do our job in a proper and fast way. You will not need to tell us what to do twice. We do not make our customers waste their time. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Safety is first! We guarantee that your goods will be safe with us. We will take care of them as if they were ours. Do not fear! We will protect your stuff!



We offer the most reasonable prices in the market.  We understand the effort that you have made in making your money so we will make every penny you spend worth it.


Do you have something that you need transported and do not know were to start? Give us a call we have our workers and equipment available for you. 

fast freight

We specialize in offering customers a service that focuses on finding proper solutions when trying to organize complicated or bound-to-be complicated activities so that everything turns out smoothly and the way the customer wanted it to be.


Your goods are precious to us. We know they are valuable for you. So we handle them with the most delicate care. They will get to their destiny safe and sound.